is founded by Alan Lim from Malaysia. He is also the founder for the blog – – Life beside the edge. In Facebook and the photography community, Alan Lim is also known as “Hayashi Alan”. In Japanese, Hayashi is the Hiragana pronunciation for the surname “Lim”.

Alan Lim is a Commercial Photographer providing various kinds of photography solutions: Wedding, ROM (Registry of Marriage), Event, Portrait and interior design photography. In the year 2009, he founded ALPHOTOS [ Alan Lim Photography ] to provide a more complete suite of services. He has been appointed as official photographer for numerous renowned magazines and websites. He loves incorporating new ideas and concepts into his work, most of which are well-received by his clients.

Alan believes that a satisfying photography session is not just about taking good photos. He tries his best to bring joy and laughter to a client before, during and after the event. He always creates a happy, cheerful atmosphere and chases away your nervousness during the photo shoot. Even if you’ve never met him, you will feel at ease instantly in his presence because he is caring, friendly and easy to talk to. During important occasions like client’s wedding, he even acts as a time-keeper to monitor and make sure everything is on time.

Alan Lim graduated with a degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing System Engineering from Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom. He has worked as a Mechanical Design & Development Engineer, Quality Engineer, Process Engineer, Focus Improvement Specialist and Project Engineer, accumulating a total of nine years as an engineer in which he gained valuable experience in Quality, Improvement tools (6 Sigma, Problem solving), Mechanism Design and Project Management. He has also been involved in Optical Data Storage design for DVD superdrive, Blueray Burner, Robotic Automation solution provider process quality system and served as an Improvement/analytical problem solving coach at a renowned F&B Company.

Beside working as an engineer and photographer, Alan is also a good writer and has been blogging since 2003. Throughout the years, he has set up numerous blogs and websites to share his experience in life as well as his photo works. He is active in many social networking sites and forums and enjoys interacting with overseas photographers to share experience and ideas.

Alan Lim has been fortunate enough to travel few countries including United Kingdom, Japan, China and Korea which gave him international exposure to various cultures and global viewpoints. With the opportunity to dialogue with people from different culture and background, he respects people’s culture and treasures every chance in life. He strongly believes that every encounter will result in learning more knowledge from others.

His favourite life motto is If you think you can, you can…”

** Edited by award-winning writer – Alexandra Wong

Commercial Branding Creative Production
Interior Design Photography, Product photography, Food photography, videography specialist.

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Official Photographer / Sponsorship photography service:

– Glitterama Charity Concert 2011

– Olivia Ong Live Mini Concert 2012 – Valentine LIVE in Malaysia | Are U ready for Love? (Official Photographer)

– Interior photography for Malaysia renowned Saloon, A Cut Above on 1st Half 2012

– – USA house / room rental service provider since 2011

– Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion Grand Prix KL 2012

– A Cut Above & Johnnie Walker Black Inspiration 2012

– Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition 2012

– Nestle Supermeet sport day at Bukit Jalil Stadium Jun 2012

– Musical Evening for the Children 2012

– Malaysia Model Festival Awards 2012

– Malaysia Breastfeeding & Natural Parenting Association (MBNPA) 2012

– Branding Association Malaysia Gala Dinner 2013

– Mercedes-Benz Stylo Fashion Grand Prix KL 2013

– Future Music Festival Asia 2013

– A Cut Above | Amazing 34th Fashion Show 2013

– CIMB Principal | Premier Award Night 2013

– Newman | Rythm & Revolution 2013

– Junior Team Canada (JTC) Amazing Race Kuala Lumpur 2013



– Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition 2013

– Asia New Model Festival Awards 2013

– Mercedes-Benz Stylo Asia Fashion Week Langkawi 2013

– Run For Peace 2013

– Malaysia Breastfeeding & Natural Parenting Association (MBNPA) 2013

– Malaysia Official Designer Association 2014

– Mrs Universe World 2014

– Astro Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition 2014

– World Vision Famine 30 hours Seremban Division 2014

– Malaysia Breastfeeding & Natural Parenting Association (MBNPA) 2014

– Run For Peace 2015

– World Vision Famine 30 hours Malaysia 2015

– The Breastfeeding Advocate Network (TBAN) 2015

– Amazing Thailand Tourism Photography for Krabi, Chiang Mai, Pai & Phuket 2016

– Malaysia Book of Records 2016

– The Breastfeeding Advocate Network (TBAN) 2016

– Mrs. Malaysia Super Star 2017

– GST Workshop by MALAYSIAN CUSTOMS 2017

– Go Asia Plus Magazine 2017

– Styleicon Prestige Annual Dinner 2018

– GST Workshop by MALAYSIAN CUSTOMS 2018

– Go Asia Plus Magazine 2018

– Beyond Lifestyle International Expo 2018

– Aerodyint Cooperate Partners 2018

– CariMakan Malaysia Top 10 Supreme Cuisine Brand Awards 2018

– The Breastfeeding Advocate Network (TBAN) 2018

– Amazing Thailand Tourism Photography for Betong 2018

– Glitterama Charity Concert 2018

– Top Outstanding Young Malaysian 2018

– SST Workshop Training 2018

– Naelofar Hijab Catalogue Photographer 2019

– The Breastfeeding Advocate Network (TBAN) 2019

– 6th Tasty Australia News Media 2019

– Jeweluxe Malaysia Event 2019

– Mrs. Malaysia Tourism Queen International 2019, Creative Director

– Miss CosmoWorld 2019 News Media

– Naelofar Hijab Catalogue Photographer 2020

– The New Charismatic Successful Entrepreneur Award Official Media

– 7th Tasty Australia News Media 2020

– Women’s Growth Learning E-Camp by ViimenTv 2020 Official Media

– The Malaysia Book of Records for The Largest Mille Crepe Chain in Malaysia, Vanilla Crepe (News Media)

– Grabfood Photographer since 2021

[ Words from Alan’s friends / Clients ]

“I would like to thank Alan Lim – a talented and friendly photographer – for the constant support that you have given me as well as Amber Chia Academy!”
by Amber Chia, International Model & Actress

“Alan being d determine person as he is, is so passionate about what he do. Literally given up a very good job for the love of photography, Alan has stayed true to his passion. I have the opportunity to work rather closely with Alan over some of my projects and I think he is very good and committed with what he do. I would strongly recommend him for any photo shoots and events.”
by Datin Winnie Loo, Chief Creative Director of A Cut Above

“Alan Lim is simply a master at immortalising precious moments. TBAN (The Breastfeeding Advocates Network) is totally honoured and grateful to have Alan on our team. He has contributed to the success of TBAN’s Gift of Love Celebrations, capturing the true spirit of the event : spreading love and hope through breastfeeding. Thank you Alan!”
by The Breastfeeding Advocates Network, TBAN

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alan Lim on a number of projects and find him a joy to work with. Brimming with innovative ideas, energy and enthusiasm, Alan Lim is a true professional who loves pushing his creative boundaries.”
by Alexandra Wong, Award-winning Writer

“I have worked with many photographers in my entire 25 years of advertising experience. As a creative director, I expect the photographer to deliver my ads brilliantly. And I must say Alan’s works are some of the finest I have come across. He is able to capture the right angle, the fine details and emotion in every shot. Above all, each shot tells a story that only a highly skilled photographer can do. I definitely recommend him should you need professional photography…”
by Francis Yip, Award-winning Creative Director of Franciswriter Dot Com and manager to Datin Maylene.

“I knew Alan for years, he’s doing photography for 5years. He’s started as wedding photographer and then move into providing all kinds of photography services. We meet at a event where I attended as VIP guest and he’s the official photographer.
Alan always a helpful person, he appreciate everyone who loves his photos. He always tagged friends in his works and will never miss a single of them and never miss any details of event, he always manage to capture the split second moment. His photos just awesome and tells story…
Everyone loves his attitude towards his profession.”
by Leng Yein, Malaysia Famous Model / Host / Emcee / DJ

“It was such a pleasure working with Alan Lim who is extraordinarily talented with his photography and blogging skills! I have known Alan for several years and he has never failed to deliver beyond expectations. He is very dedicated in his work and demonstrates burning passion for his work and his experience and expertise of over 10 years in the industry makes him the working partner that you must include in any event. I highly recommend him and his support team to catalyze your event to mega success.”
by Dr. Zyro Wong, Malaysia Celebrities Coach & Branding Guru

“Alan Lim is a creative genius, He is a much sought after photographer among us in the beauty, fashion and entertainment field. He is also a fantastic writer and he reports and blogs about many major and exciting events in Malaysia. His specialty is wedding photography, portraits, events, fashion shoots and magazines and lifestyle spreads. I highly recommend him and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with his quality and personal service.”
Ammetta Malhotra, Mrs .Universe Classic II 2019 and National Director of Supermodel Universe Malaysia

“Alan Lim exceptional style of capturing moments combine with edits of precision made him a rising star in the photography & fashion industry and certainly will make a mark one day!”
by Dennis Lau, Malaysia Famous Electric Violinist / Songwriter / Producer

“Alan is a tremendously proficient photographer, both through his technical excellence and creative eye. He can really tell a story with a photograph and that’s something of tremendous value. Aside from his photographic skills, Alan also distinguishes himself as a professional well versed in the mechanics of the global market and that shines through in everything he does. During both 2010′s and 2011′s Junior Team Canada trade missions to malaysia, it was a real pleasure to work with Alan.”
by Antoine Pouliot, Co-founder and Team Leader for One Young World Team Canada

“Alan Hayashi is an avid professional photographer. Apart from being meticulous and having an eye for detail, his skills capture the most important part of what photograph supposed to do – the emotions of each subject. A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s best describes his works. I strongly recommend him to you if you need his professional services.”
by Datin Maylene Yong, Founder & President of Glitterama Ladies Charity Group. Founder & Principal of Styleicon Prestige.

“Alan has the hawk eye to get angles and picture sensations than makes all his photos spectacular. When we had him take pictures of our beach apartment, we had amazing great interest on our property because Alan’s photo shoots on it made is look so wonderful. Thank you Alan”
by Julian Leicester, Malaysia’s celebrity and Renowned Subconscious Specialist

“Humble and Patient are the main keys to success. Gifted with sense and skill, I think Alan has lots peaks to achieve, a very good photographer to work with”
by Queenie Chong, Stylist/ Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger at Queenie Chamber

“Appreciate Alan’s creativity in photographing me and my frens .. We all looked great and beautiful in his photos. Would also like to commend on his warm interacting skills which enable us to pose naturally and glamorously in front of the cameras. Good luck with photography projects!!”
by Merlinda Chen, Member of Glitterama Ladies Group

“Alan Lim,a photographer who’s professional at what he does…He treats his models like friend,respects their will…He’ll always try to satisfy his clients no matter how hard is the working condition or how long does the entire process take..he insists on the quality and the whole feeling of the picture outcomes…He has his own style of photographing which is unique…i do fully respect and admire his passion towards photographing…of course i’m glad to have him as my photographer as well…”
by Cecilia Voon, ALPHOTOS Client

“Alan is extremely easy to work with. He captures special and also candid moments, making the wedding especially memorable”
by Sharlyn Kang, ALPHOTOS Client

“He is so caring & patient who make his clients feel comfortable to talk & willing to believe on his thought.”
by Lai KY, ALPHOTOS Client

“In the 6 years I have known him personally, he is one person that will go the extra mile to accomplish what he has set in mind.”
by William Wong, Experienced NPI Engineer at Xyratex

“I enjoyed working together with him whom can be created the working environment extremely motivating”
by Hjh Zaiton Fakeh, Hitachi Technical Development Centre – Manager

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